Today I just fineshed the ajusting on 'Mario e Sonic nos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno em 2,37,05 minutos'
The annoying thing in translating things is that you make the job fast and the others are really slow when dubbing the caracters. If I was just to sub the animation it would be over already, but since I have to wait for the people send me the voices, it takes a while to get the animations done. Also, the more I translate the more Roger makes Sonic fan flashs. But it's okay, I like to translate. It makes my English even stronger (My English stronger than yours). And also I just posted some banners in here. Hope someone in a far, far away country can see it and say " Hey, nice combination of Sonic Characters and Brazilians Flags". In my opnion everything goes well with the National Brazilian Flag.

God Bless you!

Banners! They can promote your  team, moral and maybe you country!

Not a noob any more!

2011-10-12 13:46:53 by TeamChaotixBr

i'm not a noob anymore when using flash animations. Altough I don't know how to animate, I am pretty familiar with flash and translating stuff. I even got ahead of the English version and posted the original Sonic Horror ahead!!

All uour translations from youtube, and some ramdom animatons, now on New Grounds!


2010-08-04 22:51:26 by TeamChaotixBr

Em breve a Team vai dar uma melhorada no nosso arsenal de videos em flash, e na qualidade dos mesmo, espero que vocês aguardem.